Passholder Playtime: Toy Story Land

John and I have been Disney Annual Passholders (we have the Platinum Plus Pass) since we moved to Orlando and we recently renewed our passes for this year. Being a Passholder has a lot of perks and we 100% think it’s worth it! Usually when Disney opens a new park they do some type of  Passholder preview where Passholders get to check out the new park before the general public. When Toy Story Land opened everyone was expecting something similar, but this time they offered a “Passholder Playtime” instead of a preview and it was for September instead of June (when the new land opened).


“Yee-haw! Giddy-up, partner! We got to get this wagon train a-movin’!” – Woody

A few months ago I received an email saying it was time to register for our Passholder Playtime. I immediately signed up and was able to grab a time on a Saturday so John wouldn’t have to take off work. All of the spots filled up really quickly so we were lucky! Our scheduled time was September 8th from 8am to 9am before the park opened. We arrived around 7:40am and they went ahead and let us into the park. There was practically no one in Toy Story Land when we got there and we were able to ride Slinky Dog Dash three times in a row with no line! It was our first time being able to ride this rollercoaster so we were really excited! It was so much fun, I highly recommend it to anyone!


“You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.” – Green Aliens

After we rode Slinky we headed over to the Alien Swirling Saucers. It was really cute, but kind of rough so we just rode it once. I was hungry by this time so we got breakfast at Woody’s Lunch Box. We had been wanting to try the S’more French Toast Sandwich and it definitely lived up to the hype! It was delicious. After breakfast we walked around just enjoying the area. Disney truly did an amazing job with the theming of this land and it’s one of my favorites to explore. There are so many details and fun places to take photos! Woody and Jesse were out taking pictures with guests, but we didn’t feel like standing in the line (especially since I was already sweating) so we skipped it.


“Don’t worry, Woody. In just a few hours, you’ll be sitting around a campfire with Andy making delicious, hot schmoes.” – Buzz Lightyear 

Before we left we rode Slinky Dog a few more times. The back is definitely the best place to be for this ride! As we were heading out everyone else had finally been let into the park and they were all running to get in line for Slinky Dog! I’m super thankful to Disney for special Passholder perks like this that allow us to have these unique experiences. We are firm believers in “Disney Magic” and this was a perfect example of it in action! If you have any questions about Toy Story Land or being a Passholder please feel free to ask!

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