Let’s Find Food: Nine Spices Hot Pot, Orlando, Florida

I’m a really big fan of the vlogger Strictly Dumpling on Youtube. In one of his videos he explores Chinese hot pot and goes to a couple different restaurants to try it. We love all kinds of Asian cuisine, so we were super excited to try out traditional Chinese hot pot after watching this. If you’re not familiar with hot pot, it’s a simmering pot of soup stock and you add things to it to cook at your table. We searched Yelp for our first hot pot experience and ended up at Nine Spices Hotpot located in Orlando, Florida. It’s very close to downtown and Universal Studios, so if you’re in the area on vacation it’s very easy to access. At Nine Spices Hot Pot they have a conveyor belt with an all you can eat hot pot option so you can grab whatever you want from the various items on the conveyor belt going around. We ended up grabbing pork, shrimp, beef, mini corn on the cob, potatoes, ramen noodles, spinach and few other random veggies.


“First we eat, then we do everything else.” – M.F.K. Fisher

You start off by being seated next to the conveyor belt of food and before you start you can order all types of drinks to help “prepare” your stomach before starting this hot experience. We learned this from watching Strictly Dumpling, he recommends eating something with milk like a mango smoothie to line your stomach before you eat something really spicy like hot pot. If you don’t like super spicy food, don’t worry. You will be asked how spicy you would like your hot pot when you order. I ordered mine hot and Cory ordered a milder blend. After we received our hot pot we turned up the heat on the burner and headed to the sauce bar to create our own sauce to pair with our food. We did not have any idea of what was the best mixture, so I ended up just adding all the stuff I like into a bowl and mixing it. Once we sat down it was time to add yummy things into our hot pots. In the restaurant, there’s a large sign with all the food options and their recommended cooking times. I added almost everything they had to offer to my hot pot and was not disappointed. When you are done, make sure you add ramen or some type of noodle to your pot and make a delicious soup. All the flavors from the things you cooked are in there and its amazing! Everything we had at Nine Spices Hotpot was fresh and delicious. I would definitely recommend hot pot and Nine Spices Hotpot to anyone who enjoys soup or ramen!

Have you had hot pot? What was your experience? Please share with us!

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