Waco, Texas: Experiencing Magnolia

A few weeks ago my family and I decided to go to Waco for the day since we were in Texas visiting my mom in Houston. None of us had ever been before, so I was researching all of the things we wanted to do while we were there. We knew we wanted to see as many of the Magnolia things as possible and I luckily came across this absolutely perfect blog post called Magnolia in a Day by Kristin Peddicord (who I was already following on Instagram) where she shared her itinerary for the day she visited Waco. Her list covered everything we wanted to see, so we decided to follow it! Our day ended up looking a little different because of timing and preference, so I’ll share what we did in the order that we did it! It’s important to note that we drove up from Houston the night before and stayed in an Airbnb so we would have the whole next day to get to everything. We drove back that day after visiting everything. We also went on a Tuesday in March and the weather was foggy and chilly. All of these factors may have contributed to how our day went, so it may be different depending on when you go!


1. Magnolia Table

My sister wanted to go to Magnolia Table specially for their breakfast, and since Kristin had recommended going here first, we made it our first stop of the day. We were a little late getting out of the house that morning, so we got there around 8:00am. Since they open at 6am, there was already an hour and a half wait and we knew if we waited and then ate we would lose too much time out of the rest of our day. Conveniently they have a take-away/store area and they had everything my sister had been wanting to try! We grabbed a bunch of Joanna’s classic pastries and biscuits to go as well as some delicious iced coffee and made our way to the Silos to be there right when it opened.


2. The Silos

Deciding to not wait to eat at Magnolia Table turned out being a good decision because we got to The Silos right before it opened at 9am. There was barely anybody there so we were able to get all the pictures we wanted with no one in the background! After taking some pictures we ate our breakfast and quickly got in line for the Silos Baking Co. We decided to get the Spring at the Silos Box which included six cupcakes: The Classic, Silobration, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon Lavender, Carrot Cake and Toasted Coconut. We took them back to the car to enjoy later and headed to Magnolia Market to shop. This place was Fixer Upper heaven. Everything was beautiful, just as you expect things to be when it’s by Chip and Joanna!


3. Harp Design Co. 

Next we stopped at Harp Design Co. It was a really cute store, but I do wish it had more of his bigger pieces to see! My sister got a cute wooden pencil holder and they had a lot of other wooden things for sale like coasters, cutting boards and candlesticks.


4. Little Shop on Bosque

A few minutes drive from Harp Design Co is the original Magnolia store. They call it the Little Shop on Bosque now and sell slightly damaged or last chance items at a discount. I got two shirts at a good price here and they had a lot of other neat stuff!


5. JDH Iron Designs

JDH Iron Designs was a bit of a drive from downtown Waco, but you drive right by Chip and Joanna’s house on the way and that was really cool to see! When we got to JDH Iron Designs my dad asked if Jimmy Don was there today, and they said no he was actually at his pop up shop over at The Silos. We couldn’t believe it because we had just been there and thought we saw someone in a big cowboy hat! They said that he would be there until 5pm that day so we decided to go back later to see if we could meet him!


6. Homestead Heritage

Due to the time, we skipped the next two things on Kristin’s list (the bed and breakfast and the antique shops) and went straight to Homestead Heritage. I was really excited about this place because it’s an agrarian community that focuses on quality craftsmanship. The community has a pottery shop, a blacksmith shop, a cheese-making house, a woodworking shop, and a fiber-crafts shop. They also have a general store and a cafe. Kristin highly recommended going here and eating at Cafe Homestead and I am going to as well! The food was delicious! All of the food was fresh and almost everything was grown locally. Do not miss out on their Homestead potato fries. Amazing. After lunch we walked around and visited all of the craft shops. At each place they had someone demonstrating their craft and you could even learn how to do it yourself! We spent a lot of time at the blacksmith shop where my dad made a hook and my brother made a brass spoon! The blacksmith was so nice and is extremely talented. He was working on an order for a giant three tier chandelier when we were there and it was beautiful! I also really enjoyed the pottery shop and seeing the gristmill. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I would even recommend spending a whole day here!


7. JDH Pop Up Shop and the Silos

We made it back to the JDH Pop Up Shop just in time to meet Jimmy Don! He was so nice and was happy to sign the Waco, Texas sign my sister and brother’s girlfriend got. After meeting him we walked across the street to the Silos to eat our cupcakes. They were as amazing as they looked! My favorite was the Silobration. This was the perfect end to our perfect day in Waco.


I was so happy with how our day turned out. We got to do everything we wanted to do and more! The most important tip I can give you is to plan your day around the hours that everything is open. That means getting up early and planning to see everything before 5pm when most places close. That is what we did and I don’t regret a single decision we made that day! Well, maybe except that we didn’t all order the Homestead potato fries. It’s clear that Chip and Joanna Gaines truly know what they are doing. They have built a beautiful place and if you have ever thought of going, I’m telling you now. GO.















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